Victorian African Communities Action Plan released

30 April 2018

The Victorian Multicultural Commission welcomes the release of the Victorian African Communities Action Plan.

Aimed at supporting Victorians of African heritage to reach their full potential across all aspects of life, the plan was launched by the African Ministerial Working Group (AMWG) and the Victorian Government on 21 April, 2018.

Victorian Multicultural Commission Chairperson Helen Kapalos attended the launch in support of the plan alongside Commissioner Sisay Dinku, who addressed the audience in his capacity as an AMWG member,  community leader and contributor to the plan.

During the event, Ms Kapalos joined Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott MP and members of the AMWG to sign the Working Together Statement, which pledges a partnership between the Victorian Government and Victorian African communities to create lasting change, which incorporates the Victorian Values Statement.

The Action Plan was developed by and for African communities in partnership with the Victorian Government to address well-known issues and improve the wellbeing of all Victorians of African heritage, including young people. Led by the African Ministerial Working Group, a diverse group of 22 members ranging from professionals to community leaders and young people, the Action Plan captured the voices of more than 1,000 Victorians of African heritage in consultations held from November to December 2017.

“We are thrilled to see this community-driven initiative come to fruition. It’s an incredibly positive step forward for our African communities, and demonstrates just how powerful their collective voices can be in achieving collaboration and a shared vision for the future,” said Ms Kapalos.

The 10-year Action Plan aims to build inclusive communities, improve outcomes and create sustainable opportunities for African communities through more than 250 actions across business, employment, education and training, health and wellbeing, inclusion and empowerment, and leadership, cohesion and connection.

To achieve these goals, the plan proposes a partnership approach where African Victorian communities can contribute their expertise and solutions. The Commission will also play a strong role to support the implementation of the plan alongside local government, business, industry, the civil sector, academia and the philanthropic sector to assist in achieving sustainable outcomes.

“This plan shows us how multicultural communities can work in partnership with the Victorian Government and other sectors across society to develop actions designed to achieve lasting change,” Ms. Kapalos said.

The Victorian Government will consider the Action Plan and make a response following the release of the Victorian Budget 2018/19.

“African Victorians contribute so much to our state, and the Commission looks forward to being a proud partner to support its implementation and contribute to improving the wellbeing of all Victorians of African heritage,” said Ms Kapalos.

Read the Victorian African Communities Action Plan in English and a range of languages.           

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