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Victoria's Multicultural Champions

26 May 2019

What does a community media pioneer, a professional psychotherapist and a man who fixes bikes for refugees have in common?  

They, along with 14 others, have recently been named as Victoria’s newest Multicultural Champions. 

Coordinated by the Victorian Multicultural Commission on behalf of the Victorian Government, the Multicultural Champions program aims to harness and promote the work of people who are strengthening Victoria’s culturally diverse community.  

First announced at Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence in November 2017 with an initial two champions, the program has now expanded to include 17 more. Our newest champions were introduced at a special event held on 15 February which was attended by the consular corps, youth and faith leaders and members of the multicultural business community. The diverse group share a passion for community service and for connecting people –  to their cultural heritage or homeland, to information and opportunities, to others within their community and to those without. 

The Multicultural Champions program is part of the wider Multicultural Ambassadors program, which is an initiative under the Victorian Government’s Multicultural Policy Statement launched in 2017. 

The Multicultural Champions are: 

Ajit Singh Chauhan

Anand Shome

Ann Foley

Barbara Brown

Batul Gulani

Caterina Revrenna

Chap Chow

Deepak Vinayak

Gary Li

John McKinnin

Judy Tang

Mariam Issa

Neeraj Nanda

Parsuram Sharma-Luital

Saara Sabbagh

Sambo Meng

Sam Feng

Sopea Sao

Youhorn Chea

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