The Victorian Government has asked the African Ministerial Working Group (AMWG) to lead the development of an African Communities Action Plan. 

A draft version of the Action Plan has been released for public consultation.

The draft Action Plan aims to create more inclusive and sustainable economic and social opportunities for all African Victorians through five goals.

Each goal proposes a range of community-designed actions, which would be implemented in partnership with stakeholders from across all sectors. 

African Ministerial Working Group 

The AMWG was convened by the Victorian Government in October 2016. 

The group, comprising 22 leaders and young people, has been discussing with the Victorian Government the critical issues affecting African communities in Victoria. 

The draft Action Plan has been informed by ongoing community feedback, and the first-hand knowledge and expertise of AMWG members and invited contributors. It has been developed through a series of workshops, planning sessions, meetings and teleconferences. 

Consultation process for the Action Plan

The consultation process provides an opportunity for more Victorians of African heritage to read the draft Action Plan and contribute their views before it is finalised in early 2018. 

Feedback can be provided by email to

There is no format for providing feedback - it can be formal or informal.

The closing date to provide feedback is 15 December 2017.

Read the Draft African Communities Action Plan (PDF 1.06MB) (DOC 849KB)  

The Victorian Government can provide an interpreter if needed

To arrange an interpreter to provide feedback please email with the person’s name, contact number and preferred language.

The Multicultural Affairs and Social Cohesion Division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet will then contact the person, using an interpreter, to arrange a convenient time.

Respondents are encouraged to reflect on the below questions when providing feedback

1. Generally, what is your view of the draft Action Plan and its aim to create inclusive and sustainable economic and social opportunities for all African Victorians?

    a. What is most important to you/your community to see reflected in this strategy?

    b. Does the summary of issues broadly capture the issues affecting you/your community (see pages 20-21)? What would you add or change? 

2. Do the five goals reflect your/your community’s priority areas for future action (see pages 10-18)? What would you add or change? 

3. Do the outcomes reflect where communities should be in 12 years (see page 8)? What would you add or change?

4. Looking at the actions for each of the five goals:

    a. To what extent do the range of actions address the critical needs in your community/ies?

    b. Are there any strategic actions that you would propose?

5. Partnerships will be critical to successful delivery.

The strategy suggests that African communities and other sectors should lead and support implementation. It focuses on building the capacity and capabilities of more community members over time to lead change.

    a. What role should African communities play in implementation?

    b. What other specific partners do you think should lead and support implementation?

6. The strategy proposes that an independent body should oversee implementation and any progress should be evidenced and accountable (see page 19). What is important to you/your communities during implementation?

Attend a youth consultation

If you are aged 16 to 30 years old, you are invited to meet with the Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Robin Scott, and tell him what you think of the draft African Communities Action Plan.

Attend the Youth Meeting on the Draft Victorian African Commuities Action Plan:

Tuesday 12 December
5:30 - 7:00pm 
Parliament House
Spring St (where it meets Bourke St)
East Melbourne 

Places are limited - register now.

Materials to promote consultation on the Draft Action Plan 

Some materials have been produced to help distribute information about consultation on the Draft Action Plan. 

Download an A4 flyer or social media materials for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.