The Victorian Government is providing $21.8 million over four years and $8.4 million per year ongoing to improve the pay and working conditions of contractor and casually employed interpreters.

The Government has announced that from the 1 July 2018, new minimum rates of remuneration will be guaranteed for all contractor and casually employed interpreters who provide services to the Victorian Government.  Also, for the first time, interpreters will be paid for their travel time to regional and rural locations which will improve service access in these areas.

The new rates will apply to all interpreters who are part of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) new certification system which aims to further strengthen the quality of the interpreting profession. The new rates represent an increase for all levels of NAATI certification.

The Government is reforming its procurement of language services to ensure that the new rates are paid to interpreters, and that the right incentives are in place to support a high quality and professional interpreter workforce in Victoria.

Interpreters provide an essential service. These reforms will directly benefit linguistically diverse communities by improving access to health, education, training and employment services as well as the justice system and ensuring better outcomes.

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