Rental information resources now available in Dari

New resources on the rental process in Victoria are available for Victoria’s Dari-speaking Afghan community, thanks to a Consumer Affairs Victoria project to help bridge the language gap.

Consumer Affairs Victoria has launched a range of resources in Dari to help tenants and landlords know their rental rights and responsibilities in Victoria.

The materials include educational videos on starting and ending a lease, bonds, repairs and condition reports, and factsheets with accompanying audio.

Research carried out by AMES Humanitarian Settlement Services, showed that more than 44 per cent of Victoria’s resettled refugees in the past two years have arrived from Afghanistan.

Consumer Affairs Victoria Director, Simon Cohen, said that research commissioned by the organisation shows significant differences in the rental process in Afghanistan compared to Victoria.

’Victorian tenants come from all corners of the world and we want everyone to understand how the rental market works.

’We want Victoria’s Dari-speaking Afghan community to feel in control of the rental process.’

Consumer Affairs Victoria will be working with migrant resource centres, Afghan community organisations and real estate agents, to raise awareness of the resources for Dari-speaking prospective and existing renters.

Download the Dari resources by visiting

Download renting information in English by visiting