Multicultural Business Award

The Business Award is one of 10 categories in Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence. The award recognises businesses which provide outstanding service to multicultural communities in Victoria and are leading the way in encouraging diversity in their workplace.

For newly-arrived migrants and refugees, workforce participation and easy access to culturally-appropriate services are both crucial in developing a sense of belonging and purpose in their new home. As such, the business community plays a crucial role in fostering cultural harmony, and this award shines a light on inspiring examples of corporate social responsibility in the multicultural space.

Selection Criteria

  • Develops innovative internal practices which demonstrate the benefits of multiculturalism
  • Implements effective business practices which maximise opportunities for people from multicultural backgrounds
  • Uses innovative marketing and communications strategies to engage multicultural audiences in the Victorian community with their service and/or product
  • Uses a multilingual workforce to engage the diverse Victorian community


  • Businesses and organisations based in Victoria
  • Self-nominations accepted

Nominations in all categories may also be considered for the Emerging Leadership in Multiculturalism Award and the Award for Meritorious Service to the Community.



Victoria University

Victoria University is renowned for its culturally diverse student body and staff and its commitment to maximising opportunities for people from multicultural backgrounds to engage in tertiary education, industry and the broader community. This year the university launched a detailed Cultural Diversity Strategy to advance and celebrate the rich diversity of perspectives, approaches and understandings that underlie multiculturalism. Initiatives include the Intercultural Teaching Excellence Program; a multicultural mentoring program in collaboration with CommBank; the Thrive program for refugee and asylum seeker students; the establishment of a Cultural Diversity Reference Group; collaborative community partnerships; and an extensive calendar of events to celebrate days of significance.



Billard Leece Partnership

Billard Leece Partnership (BLP) is an architectural studio employing a team of more than 130 people from at least 23 different countries and cultures. The studio has a strong belief in the benefits of diversity and collaboration for innovation. Many of their staff are migrants with significant experience in their home and surrounding countries, while others started with the firm on student placements and were supported by BLP to apply for permanent residency. BLP has also employed international staff through a supportive refugee experience scheme. The company works with and designs buildings for adiverse range of users and inhabitants, such as the culturally-diverse seniors who will inhabit the new Blue Cross aged care centre in Box Hill and a new public housing project in Preston. BLP also contributes to overseas projects – such as the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital – which requires them to design culturally appropriate environments.