• Premier's Gala Dinner 2017 performance by Bombay Royale on a stage in the background of the photo. With a backdrop of fairy lighting, the band is performing under red, yellow, blue and purple lights. The crowd, people of many different cultural backgrounds, genders and ages, is standing in the foreground, on the dancefloor, under the colourful red lighting
    Premier's Gala Dinner 2018

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  • 2017 Multicultural Awards recipients
    2017 Multicultural Awards recipients

    Find out about Victoria's 2017 Diversity Heroes.

  • VMC Annual Report
    VMC Annual Report

    2016-17 achievements and highlights

  • Victorian. And proud of it.
    Victorian. And proud of it.

    Victoria's new Multicultural Policy Statement

  • A Settlement Journey
    A Settlement Journey

    VMC learnings from Canada & USA



  • A story we are all invested in

    Helen Kapalos' opinion piece on African youth issues.

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  • VMC welcomes the yes result

    A statement from the VMC Chairperson.

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  • Boost for migrant, refugee start-ups

    LaunchVic funds new migrant and refugee entrepreneurs.

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Events Calendar

  • 20 Jan

    Sankranti - A Celebration of Diversity

    Showcasing Indian culture and traditions to the multicultural community....

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  • 10 Feb

    Cultvo8 Hackathon series

    Turn your business dreams into reality...

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  • 03 Mar

    VCA Wyndham Holi 2018 - Festival of Colours

    Celebrate the vibrant colours of the festival....

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Multicultural Affairs report

Victorian Government Report in Multicultural Affairs

Yei, Brima & Yei Yei  Sandy of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone

An annual report on the achievements of Victorian Government departments in multicultural affairs to ensure accessible services, promote the benefits of cultural diversity and strengthen social cohesion.

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Victorian. And proud of it.

Victoria's new Multicultural Policy Statement.

Victoria is renowned for its multiculturalism. But we can't take our social cohesion for granted. This new multicultural policy sets out a way forward for every Victorian to contribute and belong.

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supporting Victoria's diverse communities


The Community Grants Program provides support to Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities to develop and sustain local community organisations.

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