What is an in-kind contribution?

An in-kind contribution means support, other than money, provided by your organisation towards your project. This can include voluntary labour (e.g. painting work) or donated goods and services (e.g. kitchen equipment or professional advice from an architect).

How do you calculate the in-kind contribution?

The calculation of your in-kind contribution is based on your best estimates.

The following figures may help guide you:

  • in-kind volunteer general labour is normally calculated at $20 per hour
  • in-kind volunteer specialist labour (e.g. services of an engineer or architect) are normally calculated at $45 per hour
  • in-kind provision of goods is normally calculated at the retail or market price that the goods would have been bought for.

Do you need to provide evidence of in-kind contributions?

In-kind contribution calculations

If you have in-kind contributions that count towards your organisation’s funding contribution for an activity, you may be asked to outline in-kind contributions as part of your application:

  • As part of budget proposed in the application form (all applications)
  • As a completed In-Kind Contributions Worksheet submitted with your application form (requested only for funding categories where minimum matched contributions apply, such as community infrastructure).

To help you with evidence of in-kind contributions, download the In-Kind Contributions Worksheet.

In-kind contributions received

You do not need to submit written records of in-kind contributions received for your activity. However, it is your organisation’s responsibility to keep written records (e.g. letter of donations or receipts) of the in-kind support committed or received. These records should be available upon request by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship.


Example of how to calculate your in-kind contribution

Goods/service to be provided Organisation/Supplier Number of Hours Rate per hour

Total Value


Architectural drawings Smith Consulting 10 $45 $450
Labour to paint the new community hall – 5 people Members of XYZ community organisation 10 $20 $200
Donation of new kitchen equipment Commercial Kitchens Ltd n/a n/a $4,000
  Total     $4,650

Further information

For more information contact community.grants@dpc.vic.gov.au  or call 1300 366 356.