The Security Infrastructure Fund is stream that is aligned to the Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund and will provide community support for the upgrade and installation of security related infrastructure to existing community facilities.

Underpinned by Victoria’s Multicultural Policy Statement, the fund seeks to ensure that every Victorian has the opportunity to thrive in a peaceful and prosperous society with a shared sense of safety,  belonging, respect, acceptance and contribution.

The program involves an eligibility and merit-based application process and is expected to be highly competitive.

Applicants can apply for up to $75,000 towards projects that support Victoria’s community to:

  • Upgrade security measures at existing community facilities to increase feelings of safety and physically improve infrastructure
  • Feel safe while they continue to engage with and participate in activities that support their traditional culture and identity.

Program guidelines

Find out more about eligibility requirements in the program guidelines, published in English and Arabic.

What can be funded?

Security infrastructure includes installations, equipment and works to existing facilities that prevent or deter crime and protect the building and surrounds. It extends to community safety and crime prevention through environmental design, including the removal of environmental characteristics, such as a lack of lighting or poor natural surveillance that can facilitate street crime and violence. This may include lighting, street furniture or other equipment to improve community perceptions of safety.

Security infrastructure may include, but is not limited to:

  • Security lighting
  • Protective fences, gates or walls
  • Adoption of anti-graffiti coatings or graffiti resistant materials
  • Initiatives to cover walls vulnerable to graffiti vandalism such as vertical gardens and landscaping, murals and public art
  • Fittings such as locks, screens, alarms
  • Bollards
  • Boundary measures
  • Internal/external CCTV cameras

How do I apply?

The SIF  is a discretionary merit-based grants program administered by the Multicultural Affairs and Social Cohesion (MASC) Division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC).

The program involves an eligibility and merit-based application process and is highly competitive. Many more applications are received than can be supported and partial funding may be offered.

To ensure your application has the best possible chance of success, please read the program guidelines carefully before you apply.

Small Stream Application

Step One: Read the program guidelines and to discuss your application or eligibility contact (03) 7017 8196

Step Two: Ensure you have all the supporting documentation prepared.  A list of the mandatory supporting documents is available on pages 14-15 of the program guidelines.

Step Three: Submit the Application Form and any supporting documents via the grants portal.

Applications can be submitted before 11.59pm Monday 27 August 2018.

If you need assistance with applying online, please call the Grants Information Line on 1300 366 356 between 8.30am and 5.00pm weekdays.

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