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Chinese Orchestra Concert

14 July 2018 (2.30pm - 4.00pm)

St Scholastica's Community Centre
348 Burwood Highway
Bennettswood, 3125

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra


0403 368 720 / 0432 557 172

Cultures and/or faiths:
Chinese, Multicultural

This free concert will showcase the different parts and sections of the traditional Chinese musical instruments which together form the Chinese orchestra - they are namely the Wind, Bowed String, Plucked String and Percussion sections. The programme will feature: dizi (flute), sheng (mouth organ), liuqin (small Chinese lute), gaohu (high pitch bowed string instrument) and erhu (Chinese violin) solo, trio with pipa (Chinese lute), Zhongruan (moon shape lute) and guzheng (Chinese zither), and a small ensemble with a brief explanation on each instrument introduced by our conductor Mr Yat Ping Chan.

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