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100th Anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

27 May 2018 (11am)

Deskworx Pty Ltd
1/3 Wellington St
St Kilda , 3183

Azerbaijani Cultural Association of Victoria


Nira Elgart 0432260277

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May 28, 2018 marks the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. On this date, Azerbaijan declared its independence, establishing the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which became the first secular parliamentary democracy in the Muslim World and recognized by other democratic nations, including the United States of America. During the short period of independence Azerbaijan granted all people the right to vote regardless of race, gender, ethnicity and religion, becoming the first Muslim nation to give women equal political rights, an accomplishment preceding the United States. Azerbaijan’s independence was interrupted when it was forcefully incorporated into the USSR in 1922 - its independence was only restored in 1991. The President of Azerbaijan signed an order on the basis of which a number of events will be held in the country and abroad during the year. Since 1992, this date has been solemnly celebrated as a national holiday - the Republic Day or the Day of the Revival of the Azerbaijani Statehood.

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