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Folk-O-Art Exhibition

17 March 2018 (12.00pm - 4.00pm)

Vermont South Community House
1 Karobran Dr, Vermont South VIC 3133
Vermont South, 3133

Australia India Women's Entrepreneurs Forum


Nildhara Gadani: 0401 538 954

Cultures and/or faiths:
Multicultural and Interfaith

When you appreciate a handmade work of an artist or a crafter, you appreciate a community of humans, who have spent countless hours in creating that work and gone through a process of frustration, failure, experimentation and then the joy of creation. This International Women's Day, lets allow ourselves to touch their lives with a simple act of appreciation. Australia India Women's Entrepreneurs Forum and Pink Umbrella welcomes you to a small presentation of such a world, a small art and craft exhibition on 17 March at Vermont South Community. Open and free entry for community.

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