What is the program?

The Multicultural Festivals and Events (MFE) Program encourages participation of the whole Victorian community in festivals and events to celebrate and embrace our vibrant multicultural diversity.  This program brings together the former Victorian Multicultural Commission’s (VMC’s) former Multicultural Festivals and Events Grants and OMAC’s former Unity Through Partnerships program.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • showcase the vibrancy of Victoria’s multiculturalism through regular celebrations and events that encourage participation of the whole community;
  • foster cross cultural awareness, understanding community unity and intercultural relationships;
  • ensure that Victoria’s multicultural communities can celebrate and preserve traditions in meaningful ways; and
  • build the capacity and experience of smaller or newer community groups to deliver events through the development of genuine partnerships between community organisations.

What funding is available?

Three streams of funding are available:

  • Small Grants - $500 to $10,000, for small celebrations and events;
  • Large Grants - $10,001 to $100,000, for large festivals and events; and
  • School Grants - $500 to $2,000, for Schools Cultural Diversity Week events held during or around Cultural Diversity Week.

Who is eligible to apply?

For more information about the program and eligibility requirements please ensure you read the  program guidelines prior to submitting your application.

Applicants who have overdue accountability reports for previous grants funded through the VMC and/or OMAC are not eligible to receive funding. To check if you are up to date with accountability reports, please email 

How do I apply?

Applications for small, school and large grants have now closed.  Please visit our Successful Grants page to see outcomes. Funding agreements are expected to be with successful organisations early November 2016.



Further information

For more information contact community.grants@dpc.vic.gov.au  or call 1300 366 356.